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Due to my sport, and my interest in people and nature, I travel a lot in the DACH region (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) and also internationally.


Besides my sport, I have a second passion – coffee. Sitting down, decelerating, switching off, and enjoying in peace. And that’s where I got the idea to invite you to this “ritual”. I would be happy to learn more about you, your attitude, visions, and ideas. Or just talk about “God and the world”.


That’s why I decided to publish dates and places here early.


I report about my experiences and adventures in my blog post “Kaffeekranzerl”

And here are the next dates & places:

Escape Your

Oberdorfstrasse 1, Uttwil, Switzerland

+41 76 508 03 94

I would like to introduce you to the vision of Escape Your Habit

When it comes to health, many people don’t get the right kind of help and support in a timely manner or at all. Introducing Escape Your Habit, a nonprofit initiative with a mission to ensure sustainable health care for people in need.


Our goal is to connect all people to timely and, when possible, regional help from the physical and mental health fields. We are particularly focused on health conditions that are influenced by habits, including obesity, diabetes, burnout, and depression.


We are building an online platform to connect those seeking help with those who can help. Users will be able to search for helpers anonymously or through their own profile by answering a few questions. Relevant specialists who are available regionally and on short notice will be recommended. Helpers can register and choose between different member profiles. The associated monthly contribution finances the platform. Helpers thus support those seeking help and can use their profile to advertise in order to generate new customers.


Escape Your Habit is guided by five core values: Care, Respect, Integrity, Trust, and Accountability. These values form the foundation of our work and guide our initiatives.


In the next phase, Escape Your Habit will expand its offerings to include a workplace health service that contributes to a healthy and productive workforce. Support your employees to live healthier lives and in doing so, you will help people in need.


We are looking for volunteers to support our non-profit organization. Apply if you would like to help create healthy communities.