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Or did you find our site while searching for answers?
Whatever brought you here, we are glad you found your way here.
This is the first step into a new life.

Who does not wish for a healthy future?

We offer you here the opportunity to invest in the future. A healthy future for you, your relatives, friends, and even those you do not know. Make a difference in the world around you because every donation you make helps many people who desperately need it.

With your donation, you help us bring our vision to life. The vision is to provide help to people. Free of charge, simple, whenever possible, timely and regional.

Together, we can work to inform and guide people to a healthier life.

Many of our visions would not be possible without the support of people who want to help those in need.

Therefore, we would like to encourage you to support us on our way to help people get away from their habits and routines and thereby accompany them to a healthier life.

We would like to point out at this point that we are not yet ZEWO certified. We support the mission and vision of ZEWO by implementing the rule from the beginning. As soon as it is possible for us, we will carry out the certification together with ZEWO.

We assure you that we will handle your donations responsibly and put every penny into providing information and building further aid programs. That is our promise!

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