The Key to Ultimate Health Starts with Nutrition

Escape Your Habit is your source for building healthy eating habits and cooking healthy meals.

Better Nutrition is Who We Are

Our mission is to provide you with a path to better health through good nutrition. Living a lifestyle with healthy eating habits has no shortage of challenges and roadblocks. Don’t worry, Escape Your Habit is here to help! We’re dedicated to providing you with the tools, programs, and resources to make improving your health much more accessible. We also want to help you better understand the seasonality of your foods and why eating fresh, in-season foods can have profound effects.

Our Approach to Good Nutrition

Understanding how food impacts our overall health is a foundational concept for us. Eating food and choosing which types we eat is much more than a couple thousand calories. Our diets are directly tied to other health, and poor nutrition can lead to multiple diseases that can negatively impact your life. We take a holistic approach to better eating and want to guide you through the process in an engaging and approachable way.

Three Pillars on the Path to a Healthy Lifestyle

Escape Your Habit is built on three key pillars, guiding you to a healthier lifestyle. Each features key lessons and practices to help you be healthier and understand and apply those lessons in real-world situations.

Pillar One:

Understanding How What We Eat Affects Certain Diseases

Pillar Two:

Understanding Nutrition and the Balances We Must Make with Our Diets

Pillar Three:

Incorporating Exercise and Better Physical Health Into Your Lifestyle