How to survive Christmas with diabetes?

Christmas is no doubt an occasion of much joy and happiness. But at the same time, it may be a disaster for some people, diabetics are the ones in the danger zone. I know what our mind thinks of the holidays. After a hectic work routine for months, everyone adores holidays and craves a warm bed or a soft couch in front of a fire with a football match on TV and a bowl of snacks in their hands. And it is an occasion with the peak of winter, so, the lack of exercise would be another problem as there will be limited outdoor activities. Furthermore, Christmas is above the usual holidays. It brings a series of parties and family gatherings and God knows what else. This is the most crucial time for diabetics. Avoiding delicious food on this occasion is very hard, especially when everyone around you is enjoying what they want. But it’s not impossible. Following are some tips to


Predict and plan

Christmas comes every year; it doesn’t sneak up on you. One can plan for literally everything about it from food to exercise. For example, if you play football or jog for exercise, it becomes difficult to do it with the cold and snow outside. You can change it to a walk-in a mall or join a gym to use a treadmill to complete your daily goal of exercise. Just keep in mind that regular exercise is crucial for diabetics because it not only reduces weight but also keeps sugar levels in check.

You can also plan about your hypoglycemic events due to insulin intake or otherwise. You should always keep some instant sources of sugar with you like candies etc.

Choose your food carefully

I know it’s very hard to reject food that looks so inviting. But you will have to be strong and should have to manage it carefully. And the fact is, there is nothing prohibited for diabetics, you just have to manage the quantity and frequency of specific foods such as those which are rich in starch. One should make his/her platter which does not look so starchy and has more fruits and protein sources. Frequency and quantity do matter a lot in these conditions too. One should be careful about it.

Drinking Prerequisites

People with diabetes usually already know that soda and other sweet drinks cause an increment in blood sugar levels, but alcohol intake should also be managed equally to avoid any unpleasant event. Taking a drink or two would be fine, but it will increase the sugar level in your blood instantly and would cause it to crash a few hours later. One should check his/her blood sugar levels before going to bed. Avoid drinking neat, and try cocktails, but not with soda. It would be nice to take alcohol with dinner and not alone.

Say NO to food pushers

We all have these people in our friends and family circle who try to be pushy on these occasions and offer food with, “Come on, it’s Christmas. It won’t make a difference to enjoy for one eve.” And not to forget that aunt with homemade cookies which she offers you with a kiss on your forehead. Believe me, it becomes very hard to say no to that. You will have to be tough to say a big fat “NO” to them (but say it gently, please). You may have to explain your condition multiple times to people. Be patient and be strong and determined.

Adorable baby girl eating from fork vegetables and pasta. Little child feeding and playing with a toy doll. This game can quickly become reality.

Take care of your feet

People with diabetes have an associated condition neuropathy as a complication of diabetes, and they cannot feel pain in their feet, especially. A diabetic should be careful about the feet because of the cold weather and snow outside. It would cause undetectable damage to the feet. One should take enough precautions before going out and consult his/her, healthcare provider, too. And of course, it is part of the routine of diabetics to check their shoes for ant pebbles or ulcers regularly.

Get right back on the track

Just remember that it’s not one of the deadliest sins to break the rules of diabetes. If you have eaten too much at once, and it seemed to be good, and you thought to go on with it because you thought you had just blown the sacred fast, it will surely be counterproductive. You need to forget the mistake and focus on the future. Just resolve not to do it again and stick to it.

Reconsider your resolutions

Resolutions of this sort are easy to make and even easier to break. One may find it easy to follow these resolutions doable at the start, but they seem to be an uphill task later. One should keep a check on his/her resolutions. The other thing is that you may have resolved to throw all the cookies on this Christmas. But it’s not only Christmas, but you also need to avoid them even after Christmas. Resolve to follow those rules which are efficient, easy to follow, and have long-term effects on your health. For example, try to have a sugar-free coffee when everyone is having a coffee with sugar. It will give you a sense of involvement in the get-togethers. Similarly, replace your sugary items with sugar-free versions of the same items.

Bottom line

The take-home of all of this discussion is that you are having a difficult time ahead if there is Christmas in the coming days. It will be a test of the willpower and determination of not only you, but also of your family members. You can survive Christmas by following the simple rules mentioned above. But at last, it solely depends upon you and only you. One can only show the door to a path, but you have to walk on it by yourself. Take care of yourself and your family.


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